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Nature-Based Social-Emotional Learning for Teachers & Educators

Nature Classrooms, to further its goal of supporting teachers and educators with their endeavours in  nature education, has developed a programme that integrates nature learning with social-emotional learning. 


With this programme our goal is to put together effective practices, resources, and frameworks integrated with social, emotional, and nature–based learning at its core, with a focus on supporting the overall well-being of teachers. The long-term vision is that this social and emotional development within teachers also influences the manner in which they impart nature education within their classrooms. 


Programme goals:


  • Can nature-based practices and engagements support in promoting social and emotional well-being of teachers?

  • How does supporting teachers’ emotional state influence their connections with nature?

  • How does this process of engaging with nature-based social-emotional learning translate in the long-term into subject lessons and classroom practices?



With the initial framework and practices developed, we launched an online pilot workshop with a goal to engage with a small focus group of teachers/educators, for trialling out the initially developed practices and taking into consideration their feedback and responses which will influence the future implementation of the programme.

Session 2.jpg
SEL Session - 2.jpg

This project was undertaken by Priyanka Prakash as a part of her Master’s internship with Nature Classrooms.

Connect if you want to collaborate with us for a research project:  

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