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Recommended Readings

If you are an educator looking to engage with articles and opinion pieces on nature education and pedagogy, a student looking to explore discourses in nature education, or just curious about these things - here's a list of essential readings available online. Many of these articles and essays have inspired and influenced discussions within Nature Classrooms, and we hope to share this inspiration with many more.

Look, Don’t Touch by David Sobel

Place-based learning of science: Experiences in integration by Arun, Poornima and Nishant (2021)

A Pedagogy for Ecology  by Ann Pelo

The Ecosystem of Learning  by Yuvan Aves

Connecting Learning to the Natural World  by Nature Classrooms

Towards a Curriculum for ‘Belonging’   by Yuvan Aves

Leave No Child Inside  by Richard Louv

The exploration of Biology through Art: some reflections from the classroom by Kaustubh Rau (2018, January), in iwonder, 4,  63 — 71

Structure and Spontaneity: A fine balancing act  by Radha Gopalan

Pedagogy of 'dirty' hands : reflections from an urban terrace farm by Dutta, Deborah (2019), in iwonder, pp. 72-81.

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