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Life in Water


In our current school textbooks, the topic of water is introduced to teachers and learners with a focus on our ‘uses of water'. For example: how and why is water useful and important to humans, what does scarcity of water imply for us or how should we conserve it. Water, as an ecosystem however, goes so much beyond our use and interactions with it. As you will discover through this module, water is also home to and as important to a multitude of life on Earth. Even a little puddle of water after a rain that collects on your pot-holed road, or in the crevice of a tree trunk will attract birds, frogs and dragonflies!

  • Divided into three levels each level has been designed for children belonging to specific grades and age groups.

  • With two major topics and relevant sub-topics covered, each level has been designed with an aim to achieve a series of nature learning goals. 

  • The module is designed using different mediums to engage the learner including read-aloud stories, observation charts, picture-cards, audio-visual resources, group-activities and discussions. 

  • The lessons are linked with existing EVS chapters and cover a range of topics that nurture wonderment for water as an ecosystem. 

This learning module is an invitation to discover, develop and nurture a wonderment and curiosity for water as an ecosystem that is teeming with amazing life forms that use it in various ways!

We are currently awaiting feedback from a few of our educators and teachers who are trialing this module out. If you are interested in testing this module with your children and students, write to us:

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