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Animals Around Us


Hidden Housemates

A set of ‘Bingo’ activity sheets to discover, observe and engage with biodiversity that lives in our homes, balconies, gardens.


Look through a window, behind a door, scale the corners of walls, shift a flowerpot - find any three down or across and say BINGO! Check the activities linked to each element on the bingo for advanced learners.

Spot the Season!

Observe what is different and what remains the same around you and in the natural world as creatures and plants respond to changing seasons.


Use the prompts and visuals in this series of Spot the Season! bingo sheets to make notes and document what happens around you month after month. 

Natural History Stories

Fascinating stories and phenomena in the natural world told through a set of captivating visuals and easy to understand language.

For use in classrooms, outdoor sessions and nature walks! 


Behaviour Tales

Through stories, questions and visuals get a sneak peek into the wonderful lives of the creatures that inhabit the natural world around us. 

For use with beginner learners in classrooms, outdoor sessions and nature walks!

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