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Class 5


Animals Around Us

Hidden Housemates

A set of ‘Bingo’ activity sheets to discover, observe and engage with biodiversity that lives in our homes, balconies, gardens.


Look through a window, behind a door, scale the corners of walls, shift a flowerpot - find any three down or across and say BINGO! Check the activities linked to each element on the bingo for advanced learners.

Spot the Season!

Observe what is different and what remains the same around you and in the natural world as creatures and plants respond to changing seasons.


Use the prompts and visuals in this series of Spot the Season! bingo sheets to make notes and document what happens around you month after month. 

Plants Around Us

Plant Poster Series

A2 sized posters on three common plants- the Giant Milkweed, Singapore Cherry and Neem. Available in Kannada and English, this resource will help learners explore their neighbourhoods through plants and the creatures that visit them. 


Download, print and display this poster in your home, school or workplace or use them during nature walks!

Singapore Cherry Sample

Colours & Patterns in Nature

Colours in Nature

A printable activity sheet that helps learners pay attention to the various colours in the natural world-from the many shades of green to colours of birds, butterflies and spiders.


Document your colour walk by collecting fallen leaves, seeds or flowers to create a display, take pictures or fill the colour wheel in the activity sheet. 

Colours in Nature sample.png
Patterns in Nature sample.png

Shapes & Patterns in Nature

A printable activity sheet that helps learners pay attention to different patterns in the natural world-from dots and spots on insects to patterns on leaves.


Document your shape & pattern walk using the activity sheet, sketch and make notes of what you find, take pictures or create a display with fallen leaves, seeds or flowers. 

Walls and Pavements

There is an abundance of nature that lies hidden and not-so-hidden on our bricked and cemented walls and pavements! From spiders and bagworm moths to ants, wasps, assassin bugs, creepers, and peeking fig saplings our walls and pavements are home to so many beautiful beings.


Take this activity along to explore the walls and pavements around or within your homes, schools, or streets and observe, marvel, and document what creatures you come across!


Walls and Pavements.jpg

Nature Bingo

Uncover the biodiversity that is thriving around your home, school and neighbourhood using this interactive exploration activity.

For use with beginner learners in classrooms, outdoor sessions and nature walks!

Nature Bingo.jpg
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