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There's Nothing There


There’s Nothing There! is a story that follows Arali and her Amma’s journey from her school to their home, and everything that they see (or maybe don’t) in between. You will enjoy going on a nature discovery walk with them that is full of surprises and delightful moments!


We found our inspiration for this bilingual children's storybook through conversations and interactions during our collaborative Suttha Muttha project with the Fig Tree Learning Center and the younglings and teachers of Tarabanahalli Govt. School, situated in the rapidly changing landscapes of the peri-urban outskirts of Bangalore city. 


Authors: Roshni Ravi, Jane Sahi, Karunya Bhaskar

Design and Illustration: Karunya Bhaskar

Supported by: The Bangalore Sustainability Forum

In Collaboration with: The Fig Tree Learning Center

Translation Support (Kannada): Anu Mothi, Maadhyama Aneka Pvt. Ltd

Translation Support (Hindi): Nidhi Pal 


You can purchase the hard-copy of the book on the Nature Conservation Foundation's store:

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