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What We Do

At Nature Classrooms, we work towards integrating elements of Nature Learning with the existing Environmental Studies (EVS) curriculum of primary schools across India. We engage in capacity building for teachers and educators, develop resources that are contextually relevant and are involved in research that contributes towards making Nature Learning meaningful for teachers and learners.

Nature Classrooms is an initiative under the Education and Public Engagement Programme at the Nature Conservation Foundation. Learn more here.

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Nature Learning Resources

Creating a freely accessible resource bank for schools, teachers and educators that corresponds to existing primary Environment Studies curricula and can be used in a variety of learning spaces. 

Teacher and Educator Engagement

Conducting Nature Learning workshops and sustained engagements with educators and facilitators from a variety of organisations.


Conducting research to address questions that arise from engaging with Nature Learning and contribute towards meaningful practice.




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Jayashree Ramadas (née Taskar) is an Indian Educationist and a retired professor of science education. She is the author of the Small Science Books that focus on the inquiry based approach to science learning in schools. She is currently developing,

a repository of questions asked by school students (do check this out if you are a teacher!). Nature learning continues to be her passion.

Jane Sahi

Jane Sahi has been working in the field of education for nearly fifty years. In 1975, she started the Sita School, an alternative school that tried to help each child reach her true potential through holistic, child centric education. Along with a small team of former teachers of the Sita School  she now co-ordinates The Fig Tree Learning Centre. which reaches out to three local government primary schools to  provide some inputs in language activities and  learning about the local environment.


Radha is an environmental scientist by training and a visiting faculty at the School of Development in Azim Premji University, Bengaluru. She is an editor at iwonder... the science magazine for middle and high school teachers published by Azim Premji University. Radha is also a senior mentor and course designer at GenWise and engages actively in popular education efforts around food and sustainability. 

Yuvan is a writer, naturalist, educator and activist based in Chennai. His interests include reimagining an Earth-centric and child-centric education in schools, ground-up processes of change and eco-centric politics. He writes on topics at the intersection of ecology, education, and human/more-than-human consciousness. He is the author of two books, recipient of the M.Krishnan Memorial Nature Writing Award and the Sanctuary Asia Green Teacher Award.

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